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Skin Tips For Girls In Their Teen & Twenties

I can't tell you how often I get clients who tell me that they "wish they started taking care of their skin at a younger age." Being in my twenties, I realize money doesn't grow on trees but good skincare does not always have to cost a small fortune. These ten skin tips will help to drastically decrease the signs of premature aging.

1. Start the process now and know the ingredients of your products, some may be too harsh for your skin

2. Sunscreen = your new BFF

3. Incorporate antioxidants in your skincare and diet

4. You love Retinol, no me, you do

5. Eyecream is a thing and is separate from your moisturizer

6. Don't go to sleep with makeup on, it's not that hard to wash your face before you pass out

7. Fake the tan, please fake it

8. Your neck & décolleté need TLC too

9. Know your skin type  

10. See an esthetician  

Make sure to contact me to work out a plan to start slowly growing your skincare routine!


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